About Us

Botanicals Paris is much more than just a natural cosmetics brand. Founded on the principle of the respect of nature and harmony with our bodies. Our range of oils for body, hair and health embodies a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Each product is meticulously formulated using natural and organic ingredients carefully selected for their restorative and regenerative properties.

At the heart of our story is the inspiring testimony of a courageous woman facing cancer, who chose to turn to the benefits of black seed oil rather than chemotherapy. Her personal experience was the catalyst for our commitment to offering natural and effective alternatives for self-care. We firmly believe in the power of plants to nourish, revitalize and protect our bodies, and it is this belief that guides each of our formulations.

Whether you are looking for a solution to nourish your skin, revive your hair or strengthen your immune system, our range of Botanicals Paris oils offers a natural and caring answer. Join us in our quest for authentic, sustainable beauty in harmony with nature.

Unique know-how at the service of your body

Botanicals offers you a range of natural oils meeting the needs of your skin, your hair and your inner balance.

Organic oils

A holistic approach of beauty

Because we are convinced that nature does not need to be transformed to be effective, all our products are raw and organic, cold pressed in a mill in France.


Guasha is an ancestral Chinese beauty secret. A true ally in your beauty routine, it is a massage tool that relaxes facial muscles and lifts the skin. It helps improve facial blood circulation and boost the immune system. Our guashas have different properties depending on the semi-precious stones from which they are designed.

Mulberry silk accessories and bedding

We use the best mulberry silk in the world to offer you the best possible quality of sleep. In addition to its thermoregulatory and hypoallergenic properties, it takes care of your hair by limiting breakage and your skin by preventing skin aging.